What is Gespasa Shop?

Gespasa Shop is an online store dedicated to the sale of Gespasa Branded fuel dispensing, measuring and transfer equipment and accessories. A division of International Fuel Equipment and Services, this site is based around the retail of Gespasa equipment in Australia.

Gespasa pumps, flow meters, dispensing instruments and accessories (filters, nozzles, etc.) are used and in demand at global level in a whole range of different sectors, from transport to construction to agriculture, the automotive industry, the ship-building industry, with special focus on the production of UREA supply products (AdBlue®, DEF, ARLA).

Gespasa as a Brand

Since 1974 Gespasa design and manufacture equipment to meet your needs in fluid handling.

In the video below Gespasa introduce their facilities and manufacturing process, where you can see that most of them are integrated in the same factory. This gives Gespasa a global vision of the product and an effective quality control in each of the processes.

In times where globalisation and process outsourcing is gaining ground, GESPASA we have developed an integration of talent, knowledge and production processes that allow them to tackle any project in the management of fluids and data in a transversal way.